Therapy Groups

Group therapy can be an effective way to meet teens where they’re most comfortable, in a small setting (max. 8 girls) with like-minded peers. Girls who have never tried therapy before find the group setting to be more comfortable (even if they’re nervous at first) than sitting one-on-one with an adult therapist. The experience of being in group can be very healing for girls and many times this becomes the preferred method of treatment. Girls groups help girls learn that they can have healthy friendships with other girls, and that they are valued just for being themselves.

When initially introduced to the concept of group therapy, many girls at first say, “No way! Are you crazy?” However, once they find out more, that initial reaction is usually transformed into something more like, “That sounds AWESOME!” The feedback we get from girls who have participated in our past groups is that it is a major highlight of and anchor for their week.
A weekly group therapy session typically lasts about an hour and twenty minutes, though this can vary a bit depending on the age of the group members. We limit the number of participants to a maximum of eight.

Right now, due to the need for social distancing, we are holding telemental health groups.

Confidentiality, in other words, “What we say here, stays here,“ is a very important part of group therapy. During our first group meeting, we will go over group guidelines, safety concerns, and the limits to confidentiality. Creating group guidelines is a collaborative process in which each group member, with support from the therapist, is encouraged to express what she needs in order to feel safe and comfortable participating in group.

Telemental health groups offer unique challenges for confidentiality, and it is important that girls commit to participating in a physical space where no other people are present and no other people can hear group discussion or see a participant’s screen.

Art Journaling Group: Finding Beauty in the Messiness and the Unknown

Join HTFG for an 8-week art-journaling group based upon the research and curriculums developed by Brené Brown, PhD. The group will use creative projects to explore such topics as:

  • Letting go of anxiety
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Building and maintaining healthy friendships
  • Developing relaxation and mindfulness tools
  • Developing self-compassion
  • Increasing feelings of acceptance and worthiness
  • Practicing authenticity

Offered in person for middle-school girls on Saturdays from 1:00 to 2:30 starting Saturday, September 24.

Art Journaling for Middle School Girls

Expressive Arts Group

Be Real. Be Connected. Be Seen. BE YOU. This 8-week group, inspired by the research and curriculums developed by Brené Brown, PhD, will use art journaling, movement, and drama (the good kind!) to explore such topics as:

  • Building and maintaining healthy friendships
  • Exploring the role anxiety, depression, fear, perfectionism, and shame play in our lives
  • Increasing feelings of acceptance and worthiness
  • Identifying and practicing healthy ways to cope with unpleasant/unwanted feelings
  • Finding, celebrating, and living our authentic Self.

Offered in person for high-school girls on Thursdays from 6:45 to 8:15 starting Thursday, September 22.

Group Info and Pricing

Space is limited to 8 participants per group to allow for maximum benefits. An individual assessment or signed release of information to speak with current individual therapist is required to ensure a good fit for the group.

The fee for group is $85 per session with a one-time $25 (process groups) or $50 (art journaling/expressive arts group) registration/supplies fee. For 8-week groups, $340 plus the applicable registration/supplies fee will be charged the first week of group, and the remaining $340 will be charged on the 5th week of group.

Please email us or call 281.671.4259 if you have questions or to reserve your daughter’s place in the group.